BTCA Endorsements for June 3 2014

May 2014

The Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County has made endorsements for the June 3 primary election and begun its campaign to get out the vote for endorsed candidates and measures.

At its last Political Endorsement Committee meeting, the BTCA decided to focus on three main campaigns for the June 3 primary election with the following order of priority. The priorities are:

Measure E in Fremont —a $650 million Bond Measure for the Fremont Unified School District. “If this bond measure were to pass, coupled with a Project Labor Agreement, it would mean significant hours for our members,” said BTCA Secretary-Treasurer Andreas Cluver. The BTCA is organizing a Precinct Walk for Measure E on Saturday, May 31 at 9 am.

Hayward City Council . “There is currently a labor-unfriendly Mayor and City Council in Hayward, which has been an obstacle for us to get a Citywide PLA,” Cluver said. “We need to change that by voting in Labor-friendly candidates.” The BTCA has endorsed Rocky Fernandez, Sarah Lamnin, and Julie McKillop for Hayward City Council. Precinct Walks for Hayward City Council will be held Tuesday May 20 and Saturday May 24.

Tim Sbranti for Assembly District 16. Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti is fighting against a conservative Democrat (Glazier) who has made it a point of challenging “Big Labor.” This is a critical race for the entire labor movement to elect a Labor Democrat. Precinct Walks for Sbranti will be held Saturday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 27.

Call the BTCA for more information about the locations of get out the vote activities: (510) 430-8664.

(See below for a complete list of BTCA endorsements for June 6)

Measure E – Fremont Unified School District Bond Issue – Vote YES

Passage of the $650 million bond measure will enable the Fremont Unified School District to upgrade and repair neighborhood schools. It would fund the upgrading of electrical wiring to current safety codes, fixing or replacing leaky roofs and aging plumbing/restrooms, removing asbestos, and other repairs of aging classrooms and science/computer labs.

Supporters note that the Fremont Unified School District has made significant improvement in the quality of classroom instruction over the past several years but that that aging schools and inadequate facilities threaten this progress. The District’s 42 schools are over 50 years old on average, with many inadequate classrooms and science labs. Many schools need repairs and upgrades to roofs, plumbing and heating systems, lighting, wiring and electrical systems.

All the money raised stays in the community and cannot be taken away by the State. A 55 percent supermajority vote is required for the approval of Measure E.

Hayward – Rocky Fernandez, Sarah Lamnin, and Julie McKillop endorsed (Vote for two)

Three candidates are endorsed for the two positions on the Hayward City Council.

Rocky Fernandez is the district director for Assembly member Bob Wieckowski and a former member of the AC Transit board, and a member of the Hayward General Plan Update Task Force. His priorities include use transit-oriented approaches to transportation and housing challenges, bring “Smart City” principles to infrastructure improvements and the city budget, and focusing on opportunities for youth and future economic growth.

Fernandez is also endorsed by the Alameda County Democratic Party, Alameda Labor Council, League of Conservation Voters, Service Employees International Union Local 1021, and International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21.

Sarah Lamnin is the chair of the city Planning Commission. Her priorities include increasing employment opportunities and improving transportation in Hayward. Lammin wants to attract quality employers to Hayward, facilitate effective partnerships with neighborhoods and schools, and ensure that there are jobs and housing opportunities available to residents across the age and abilities spectrum to keep talent in Hayward. She is also endorsed by the Alameda County Labor Council, League of Conservation Voters, Northern California Laborers Local 304, Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, Service Employees International Union Local 1021, and Sprinklerfitters Local 483.

Julie McKillop is a restaurant owner and a former planning commissioner. Her priorities are economic and business development, creating new jobs for working families, and working towards fixing the downtown mini loop.

Measure C – Vote YES

Measure C in Hayward will provide funding for infrastructure projects such as the Library. Measure C will authorize $200+ million in new sales tax revenue over 20 years, for critical City facility upgrades and services in Hayward. BTCA Secretary-Treasurer Andreas Cluver noted that the BTCA is working to win a citywide PLA in Hayward, and the projects funded by Measure C will be covered under the PLA if it is enacted. Sean Reinhart of the Committee to Protect Hayward’s Future (Yes on C campaign) said that Measure C represents a big investment and a major step forward for Hayward.

Measure C is endorsed by Congressman Eric Swalwell, State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, Assemblymember Bill Quirk, Hayward Mayor Mike Sweeney, all six members of the Hayward City Council, the Alameda County Democratic Party and the Oakland Tribune / Daily Review / Contra Costa Times. More information about the YES on C campaign is available online at

Tim Sbranti for Assembly District 16

Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti is fighting against a conservative Democrat Steve Glazier who has made it a point of challenging “Big Labor.”

Sbranti brings 15 years as a classroom teacher, eight years as a statewide education leader and 10 years of public service to his candidacy for the California State Assembly’s 16th District. He served as the Chair of the Political Involvement Committee of the California Teachers Association, and then as President of the Transition Committee for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

As Mayor, Sbranti worked on the establishment of the local Farmers Market and the renovation of the Shannon Community Center and Dublin Sports ground as well as the construction and development of several new parks projects.

Sbranti’s opponent Steve Glazer, the vice mayor of Orinda, has built his campaign around the theme of attacking unions. During the BART strike last year, Glazer proposed a ballot measure to deny transit workers the right to strike. As the East Bay Express noted recently in its article, “The Rise of the Corporate Democrats,” Glazer “is part of a new breed of pro-business moderate politicians now increasingly known as Corporate Democrats,” who “owes his financial well-being in part to special interests: Big Oil, insurance, and tobacco companies. In addition, Glazer worked for a powerful political committee at a time when it was only supporting Republicans and was spending huge sums trying to defeat liberal Democrats for the state legislature.” The newspaper reported that, “Throughout 2012 Glazer worked as a political consultant for JobsPAC, an influential group operated by the California Chamber of Commerce.” The misnamed JobsPAC “steered all of its funding in the general election toward electing Republicans and defeating liberal Democrats,” the East Bay Express reported.

A long time union member with a solid pro-labor record, Sbranti is endorsed by AFSCME, the Alameda Labor Council, California Federation of Teachers, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union California State Council, State Building & Construction Trades Council of California, and the California Labor Federation.

BTCA Political Endorsements for June 3, 2014 Primary Election


Barbara Lee • CD13

Mike Honda • CD17

Eric Swalwell • CD 15

State Legislature:

Tim Sbranti • AD 16

Rob Banta • AD 18

Bill Quirk • AD 20

Bob Wieckowski • SD 10

State Office

Jerry Brown • Governor

Kamala Harris • Attorney General

Betty Yee • Controller

Dave Jones • Commissioner of Insurance

Tom Torlakson • Superintendent of Public Education

Fiona Ma • Board of Equalization

Alex Padilla • Secretary of State

Alameda County

Richard Valle • Board of Supervisors D2

Wilma Chan • Board of Supervisors D3

Nancy O’Malley • District Attorney

Gregory Ahern • Sheriff-Coroner

Measure AA • YES

City Of Hayward

City Council

Rocky Fernandez • Sarah Lamnin • Julie McKillop

Measure C • YES